We’re obsessed with helping our clients get results from their marketing.


Owner & Principal Strategist

It’s hard to figure out marketing when your days are focused on providing expert service to your customers. Cue Erin – She loves helping service businesses grow with smart marketing.

Her work is driven by a desire to see small businesses grow into healthy and sustainable organizations that impact their community for good. 

As a left-and-right brainer, Erin draws on her background in business and design to help owners develop a cohesive brand and marketing that gets results.

She is the founder and principal strategist at Acorn Studio and a Storybrand Certified Guide. Erin’s background includes more than a decade of experience growing a professional photography studio after graduating with a B.A. in Art from Belhaven University. 

When she isn’t obsessing over her clients’ success, Erin, her husband, Jon, and their three children, love hosting friends and family at their home in Mississippi. Most afternoons you’ll find as many as 12 neighbor kids playing in her yard after school.

When she can catch a moment to herself, Erin enjoys barre classes and reading. The verdict is still out on whether reading stacks of marketing and business strategy books actually counts as a hobby.

You deserve marketing partners committed to your success.

When it comes to smart marketing there’s no one size fits all approach. Your business needs and resources are as unique as you are. 

When you work with Acorn, we’ll help you develop a marketing plan that works for your specific growth goals. 

Then we’ll provide the level of support you and your team need to put your marketing plan to work.

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Client Success

“Erin has deep insight into marketing. It felt like she knew as much about my business as I know, and it felt like a teammate had joined our efforts. Her energy and enthusiasm have inspired our business.”
Jason Horne
GM Horne

Marketing that gets results

Most service professionals waste time and money on marketing activities that don’t get a return. We’ll help you fully implement StoryBrand so your marketing works and you win more business.