They Ask, You Answer is an inbound marketing and sales framework with a singular focus: “What is my customer asking?” 

In practice, this means businesses create written and video content that transparently answers prospect questions at every stage of the buying journey. The companies that follow the They Ask, You Answer framework consistently move the sales needle with their marketing efforts.

They Ask, You Answer adoption is more than just content marketing. It’s a core philosophy for how you do business. Results come when companies focus on 10 core concepts to implement the framework company-wide.

It’s a philosophy that impacts how you market, sell and provide customer service before and after the sale.

How does obsessing over customer questions impact sales?

Educated prospects make for happier customers. When you transparently address prospects’ questions and focus on educating them while they’re making a buying decision, several things happen:

  • You build trust with your audience
  • Bad-fit prospects are weeded out
  • The buying process becomes smoother
  • You rise above as a voice of trust in your industry

The They Ask, You Answer approach provides the roadmap for how to create the right written and video content, so you become known as the voice of trust in your industry. You gain a reputation for being the business customers can count on to help them confidently navigate their buying decision.

It’s not only about what educational content you create; it’s also about how you use it in the sales process so you improve close rates. 

When that happens, companies that implement They Ask, You Answer company-wide experience:

  • Increased organic traffic
  • More and better fit leads
  • Shorter sales cycles
  • Happier, more informed customers

Who doesn’t want that? But you might be wondering…

What does it take for a company to implement They Ask, You Answer?

The successful companies implementing They Ask, You Answer focus on 10 straightforward concepts that directly impact their inbound marketing and sales results.

The 10 Core They Ask, You Answer Concepts:

How to Learn the They Ask, You Answer Framework

There are three ways to dive further into understanding the They Ask, You Answer framework.

How Acorn Can Help You Implement They Ask, You Answer

At Acorn, we coach and train companies over a 12-18 month period to implement the They Ask, You Answer inbound sales and marketing framework. Want to find out more about what that could look like for your company?